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    Smart Contract Development

    Smart Contracts is a very basic and essential functional ability for blockchain based business. Automated digital contract executing pre-definied conditions in processes, helping to automate workflow accordingly to agreements. Given functionality is helping to reduce paperwork, enhance security and reduce costs, also providing soil ground to create a digital trust related relationship between contarct holders.

    Blockchain Darta digital is the Smart Contract Development Company with the best solutions for your business. Up to date with every front-edge techns and innovations in the blockchain world, our team of experts is focused on building an outstanding blochchain-based solutions.

    Fittted and configured especially for your type of business relations, smart contract doesn’t need a mediators or arbiters to ensure smooth and guaranteed flow of the contarcted process. After setting up and conciliating conditions, digital algorithm tracking and executing all the circumstances and can even revoke itself in case something goes wrong.

    Smart Contract Development Services

    Smart Contract forms the base of effective use of blockchain, becoming as the backbone of automation for the whole process. Blockchain SmartLab provide the most fine and sofisticated smart contract based solutions for you. Our solid Smart Contract Development services will ensure that your Blockchain adheres to the right solution. Look at the features below:


    Smart Contract Architecture

    To guarantee smooth flow, contract needs a top-notch workflow.​

    Smart Contract Design and Development

    Advanced smart contract with adjustable features is flexible to use any industry.

    Smart Contract Auditing

    Rigorous revision of smart contract for providing a trustworthy and zero-breach digital contract. ​

    Smart Contracts Optimization

    Contract optimization for less Ethereum gas wasting.

    Decentralized Applications Build

    In junction with Decentralized Applications, Smart Contracts provides for any type of software more security and functionality.

    Ethereum Smart Contract Development

    BSL as a leading company in blockchain-based solutions offers premium Ethereum Smart Contract Development. Ethereum-based networks allows us to design and develop flexible and customizable digital contracts that will fit all the needs of your business.

    Token Redemption

    Digital protocol for token and/or assets management, allowing creation, redemption, distribution and exchange.

    Stable Coins

    We develop a digital contract for issuing stablecoins to reduce the lack of certainty of escrow-like agreements.

    Health Wallet

    Effective solution for providing transaction flow between healthcare providers and payers, suitable for building related Apps

    ERC-721 Smart Contracts

    Blockchain Darta digital expert developers build ERC-721 compliant smart contracts. Given contracts are suitable for copyright protection of critical work or recording real estate contracts.

    ERC-20 Token Contracts

    Advanced blockchain-based contract for transferring of ERC-20 tokens from one wallet to another ERC-20 compatible address. Yes, this works best for crypto currencies and data interchange between smart-contracts

    TRON Smart Contract MLM Software Advantages

    TRON — decentralized platform for entertainment content based on the blockchain and using the TRX token (Tronix). Platform can process transactions faster than Ethereum-based networks.
    Transaction fees are low due to consideration of the bandwidth used and the energy consumed instead of taking into account the gas price. TRON utilizes TRX20 token which is similar to Ethereum ERC20.

    Another great thing about TRON is that the usage of TRON Dapps and financial activity of users on TRON Dapps is greater than in any other similar blockchain-based solution. That marks the confidence of participants such as traders and entrepreneurs and also helps for both sides of business relations to unlock new earning opportunities.

    MLM smart contract on Tron blockchain also provides secure integration with the leading wallets e.g. MetaMask and Trust wallet, peer to peer payment of commission, admin panel, interactive user dashboard, traceability of transactions, multiple referral share packages, reinvestment ability for the users, institutional-grade security, in-app chat, unrestricted access to worldwide pool of liquidity providers and growth-oriented reward distribution program.

    In a sum, TRON Smart Contract MLM software brings the business to the qualitatively next level by acquiring security and functionality of dApps, smart contracts and trustworthy.

    Smart Contract Development Features

    Main role and functional task of Smart Contracts is a validation of conditions, so they can automate wide range of business procedures and operations. Decentralized verifiable networks are providing a near zero range of errors and excludes any third-party trust delivery agents. Self-administrated contracts also reducing human factor, which means economical, swift, and efficient processing and execution of contract based relations.

    Costs & Risks reduction

    Automated, digitally interconnected self-administrated smart conract relation reduces processing cost, related risks and contract costs.
    Decentralization of the process reduces to near-zero mark the risk of fraud due to specification of network architecture, where ismembers-based self-management automated protocol used instead of sigle administration.

    Accurate & Immutable System

    Smart Contracts basic principe guarentee immunity to human factor based errors and facilitate business processing. More over, after consideration and implementation smart contracts are immutable - code could not be changed. This is the basic ground for organizing the ecosystem of digital trust, where all members are using transparent and verifable paths of cooperation.​

    Area of New Models

    Any data-driven businesses model with no doubts should use the smart contracts as a most effective tool for managing the data flow and processing. For parameters with possibility of metric recording like time, date, weight, temperature, payments transactions and other, smart contracts are keeping track of them and responding with predetermined conditions when the value reached.

    Safe Autonomous Agents

    Multiple smart contract based interconnections creates complex network, suitable for system of any size from small business up to enterprise level. Smart contracts are gathering data, triggering conditions and swapping information on pre-designed routes, guaranteeing accurate and high-quality execution of the process

    BSL Smart Contract Development services

    Smart Contracts on TRON

    Empower your business via TRON - one of the best-known decentralized blockchain platforms for entertainment content with the most financialy active users. Organize payments with TRON cryptocurrency named TRX (Tronix) or connect your TRON wallet with Metamask. TRON-based Smart Contract works well on dApps and digital wallets.

    Smart Contract-Based MLM

    Smart Contract MLM software guarantees to your business achievement a lot of milestones in its journey. Organizing a network, where mutability, distrust, and inefficiency are wiped out and replaced with transparency and verificativeness based on automation and decentralization. Once the network is created, impressive referral amounts are guarantee to be obtained. Flexibility and customization are providing solutions to expotencial growth of your business.

    Smart Contract for dApp

    Decentralized applications (dApps) are used for executing a consequence of multi-layer tasks. dApps are providing security and scalability for solutions via using all the advantages of blockchain based networks and smart contracts. The usage of dApps greately increased in the last years and it is continues to grow, covering more and more areas of business interactions with customers.

    Smart Contract for Digital Wallet

    FinTech is becoming more and more digitalized, and this competitive fact gives a new breath for solutions based on digital and crypto currencies. Smart contracts providing tool for brockers, DAO and other financial-related relations to automatically and securely operate the wallet.

    Smart Contract for DEX

    Fully operational decentralized exchange supported by Smart contracts has all the opportunities for rocket-like launch and operating. Smart Contract for DEX offers a plenty of benefits in form of well-privacy, sec-management of private keys and digital assets, immutable smart contract based business logic and safe maintenance of data.

    Smart Contracts on Ethereum

    Well-trained and practically experienced in Solidity and Ethereum dev team will bring you our top-tier and qualified Smart contracts on Ethereum, which are can be used effectively in business such as health&care, FinTech, services, retail, funding, banking, construction, logistics, automotive and especially any data-driven business.

    Smart Contract Optimization

    Refactoring and optimization of smart contracts is continuous and highly demanded work. Smart contracts could and should be optimized from time to time for improving their performance, which is leading to faster processing and reducing the technical requirements for back-end, updated and demanded functionality.

    Smart Contract for DEFI

    DeFi is a new way for cooperation and organizing of digital assets interactions. We are providing well-designed smart-contracts on Solidity for setting, claim, invoicing, tracing and insurancing of assets.

    Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth Smart Contract Development

    On Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth, we develop the following smart contracts:

    Automated Claim Settlement

    Claims is one of the delicate process, requiring special approach and qualification. Our smart contract for claims settlement & auto-initiation are specially designed and developed for a faster & efficient settlement process, also providing the example of well-written contract.

    Invoice Smart Contract

    We develop smart contracts for invoicing on Hyperledger fabric related to receiving payments, sending invoice and invoice receipt acknowledgement for making meationed processes transparent and reliable.

    Payment Smart Contract

    Sophisticated solution based on Hyperledger Fabric for providing automated payment process to the seller via any currency or wallet.

    Asset Traceability

    Well-designed and many times tested smart contract for tracking the flow of assets from the origin up to the final user, providing all the necessity for making transparent and verificated relations, reasonable for KYC and AML policies.

    Insurance Policy Tokenization

    Hi-tech insurance policy based on smart-contract realizes the utility for making shared policies, reserved and guaranteed payouts and make policies transparent and trustworthy.

    Health Wallets

    Smart contract for seamless and peer-to-peer transactions for health providers and payers based on wallet makes all the interactions transparent and fast.

    Digital Certificates

    Blockchain Darta digital develops cutting-edge smart contracts that reduce third party dependence, eliminates fraudulence, reduces costs and provides transparency during verification of digital records.


    Specially designed smart-contract for insurance of contractors and providing mitigation for concerned parties.

    Blockchain Smart Contract Development Process





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