Develop and deploy practical DeFi Smart Contracts for DeFi setting up and using with a superfine DeFi Smart Contract Development company for guaranteed profitable running of your business.

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    DeFi Smart Contract Development Services

    Decentralized finacial services are the front edge of digital and financial tech, uniting priveledges of decentralization, digitalization and assets management. Peer-to-peer transactions significantly reduced the cost for assets flow, and via adjustable smart contracts giving the new level to lending, borrowing, crypto exchanges, insurance, tokenization, and asset trading. Secured by decentralized network and mostly based on smart contracts, DeFi are met higly adoptable and usable fintech level of service. Our correctly architectured and well-coded smart contract are the steampower for business and industry and gives highest positive user experince. At BSL we are providing developement services for DeFi smart contracts that are completely scalable to support any business, regularly audited and client-oriented.

    What Are DeFi Smart Contracts?

    History of smart contracts is uprooting to 1990s, when Nick Szabo, specialist in cryptography, formed a definition, quotation «a set of promises, specified in digital form, including protocols within which the parties perform on these promises» end of quotation. After blockchain invention in 2007, smart contracts got an opportunity to showcase all the benefits for business and public services. Automated human independent smart contract becomes the main power and gear to facilitate all the procesess, which are previosly were requiring third-party authorities to ensure execution contracted conditions. Smart contracts are optimizing time, cost and contract management of both sides, being autonomus digital robot. Also, removing the human factor from many fields of functioning, smart contracts are imperative for such a sophisticated tech such as DeFi to function.

    Benefits Of Smart Contracts for DeFi

    Autonomous digital robots known shortly as smart contracts removes the need for any mediator or arbiter in any business relations. Due to human-independent nature of smart contracts they are offering multiple benefits for decentralized services users.


    Smart contracts over decentralized network are guaranteeing that all transactions are correct, not doubled and properly secured by protocol of DeFi, significantly reduce risks and demolish common for classic human operated netwoks security breaches.


    Fully digitalized smart contracts completely removing need in deskwork and classical paper docflow, also securing all transactions in decentralized registers.


    Peer-to-peer transactions are promptly operated by decentralized network and DeFi protocol, reducing financial operations execution time from days and hours to minutes and seconds.


    After revisioning and deployment smart contract could not be modified neither by contract holders, nor any third party authority or malicious user, preventing any damage to your assets.


    Open-source, and community revised smart contracts can be audited any time, and blockchain protocol provides open ways to verify and ensure all massive of transactions and actions for any user.


    Decentralized networks works on self-governing principa, regulated only by immutable core smart contracts, replacing any autority with digital trust.


    Once coded, smart contract could be deployed multiple times to do similar works, according to smart contract purpose, making possible to develope and use typical smart contracts for business processes.


    Self-managing, peer-to-peer transactional, human-independent DeFi network smart contract significantly reduces cost of time and associated fees.

    Common Usecases of Smart Contracts

    Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    Smart contracts removing the need in any third-party intermediaries through the exchange process.

    DeFi Protocols and dApps

    Smart contracts is main gear for driving the DeFi networks and protocols, making all relations automated and digitally secured.


    Smart contract operated Fund provides to all members of process of funding reliable conditions based on digital trust.

    Supply Chain Management

    Traceability and transparency of blockchain is best afford for making smart contract operated supply chains.

    Digital Identity

    Smart contracts provide an ability to identify individuality making alternative solution for KYC and AML procedures.


    Digital, immutable, zero-human operated smart contracts are providing security and reducing operational risks.

    Financial Data Recording

    Automatically well-shaped recorded data making auditing easy and literally on-air possible.


    Via the ability to pre-define and fund the moments of claim, any dispute could be resolved with proofable conditions.


    Smart contract operated escrow fund provides digital trust to all members, guarantee transparent and verified relations.

    Mortgage System

    Combining all the conditions in one smart contract empowers processes with automation, swiftness and cost-efficiency.

    DeFi protocols with already implemented Smart Contracts

    All main Defi protocols and dApps are already empowered with Smart Contracts. List of some of them are​





    Kyber Network




    You can now build Your own DeFi Smart contract!

    DeFi seamesly going to expand financial system functionality and renovate classical processes into digital form, and smart contracts are the nerves, blood and muscles of new system. Higly secured, fully automated and self-governed DeFi networks and dApps is a wise business venture. You can now give us an idea about your DeFi or dApp and BSL developement team will wisely code eligiable smart contract fitted for your business needs. Our development process goes like this​



    Testing and Auditing


    Why choose Blockchain Darta digital for Your DeFi Smart contract services

    Blockchain Darta digital solutions are scalable for any business and industry, fully customizable to support and adapt any changes and requests of customer. Our skilled team of developers & business analysts will ensure that your DeFi Smart Contracts will give your DeFi business high level of security, transparency, and immutability — basic groud for digital trust ecosystem, vital for any DeFi or dApp.
    You are entrepreneur or a business owner? Now entering the Decentralised Finance sector? Yes, now it is the right time. The DeFi sector is growing exponentially and the reliance on DeFi protocols for running financial services is becoming to a unique competitive advantage of your business. Therefore, investing in our DeFi Smart Contract Development Services for your Defi or dApps will take your business to the next level.

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