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    The global financial economy is about to be transformed, thanks to the potential of the blockchain technology. The worldwide access to the transparent data backed by the most secure up to date blockchain platform is the essence of the oh-so-compelling decentralized system offered by the Blockchain Darta digital. Our skilled blockchain developers have expertise in risk, strategy, legal compliance and tax departments coupled with unparalleled competency to develop the best strategies for various cases. 

    We are a 200+ team growing every day, with fully staffed blockchain R&D department, proficient engineers, caring delivery heads, captivating content writers and sensational marketers. Blockchain App Factory takes charge of your financial activities thereby reducing the possibility of fraud and loss while increasing the overall efficiency of your business.

    The current problems in Fintech

    The turmoil in the financial sector caused by the financial crisis has affected a wide range of areas, including:

    Increased competition

    Since the services provided by the financial technology businesses are in high demand, companies do not miss a chance to step in the game with their innovative techniques and appealing offerings. Hence why traditional banks find it hard to adapt to the new changes, ultimately causing them to lose profits

    Lack of public confidence

    Pressure for banks to deliver the best possible outcome is real - as of today, a lot of banks do not manage to meet customer expectations, especially when it comes to the technological side of things

    Regulatory pressure

    Permanently escalating regulatory requirements present a challenge to the majority of the banks, resulting in them spending a big part of their budget to be compliant

    Companies rotating in the industry are made to tackle them while remaining on top of their game. For customers to not have any concerns about the usage of their data and the overall security of their finances, it is crucial to handle the issues in the modern way blockchain technology allows us to.

    The scope of the Blockchain for Fintech

    Customer Oriented

    We have the best blockchain developers in Russia providing optimal solutions to your current business problems. The team has developed solutions for various industries like Supply Chain, Food Industry, and Healthcare.

    International Payments

    Digital online payments made across the globe and available 24/7 are made possible

    Open Banking

    Setting the structure for consumer protection and security with the constantly rising sharing of data


    Digital investments made on the blockchain platform allow investors to profit via receiving high returns

    Education Lending

    With millions of students worldwide taking education loans it became much more cost and time efficient to use the blockchain platform for lending


    Re-defining one of the most popular financial industry through innovations like secure claims processing, on-the-spot acquisition and risk-free underwriting

    Credit Scoring

    By boosting the credit scores through the blockchain-based loans, individuals are given the chance to participate in the financial world


    Data is securely protected and made immutable, thanks to the nature of the blockchain technology

    Blockchain for Fintech Strategy

    Blockchain technology will most definitely transform the financial industry globally. The idea of having everybody involved in the transaction and accessing the data using the same ledger is appealing to a lot of businesses that are willing to automate their activities. At Blockchain App Factory, we provide you with the latest solutions designed to meet your blockchain needs — be it the issuance of a digital insurance or development of an open banking system.


    Financial Services

    Digital Payments

    Interest Rates


    Credit Scores


    Clearing and Settlement

    Stocks & Bonds

    Working Capital Management

    Claims Processing


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